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Providing relief for millions suffering from heart failure

Heart Failure is one of the most debilitating medical issues we face. It is the leading cause of hospitalization and the single largest medicare expense. Ultimately, more than 1-in-9 people die from the condition. 

We believe that left atrial decompression holds the key to reducing symptoms for those who suffer. 

We believe we can do this using a simple catheter procedure.

Most important, we believe we can do this without the use of an implant. 

what's the big idea?

InterShunt was founded by Gil Vardi, MD in cooperation with Common Place Holdings, LLC. 

Gil is a practicing interventional cardiologist with prior experience leading development of a medical device from invention to exit. Common Place Holdings is a medical technology venture firm operated by a group of partners all with prior experience leading health tech ventures from start to finish.

 We have assembled a world-class team of catheter development experts and are supported by the finest IP and regulatory counsel, as well as thought leaders in heart failure and interventional cardiology.

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